Shared Office/Co-working Space Terms of Use


– Facilities are available on weekdays during business hours. Share Seat with company registration plan members can access 6:00 – 22:00 everyday except during designated holidays or closed days. However, visitors may use the facilities only during business hours.


– Facilities are available from 6:00 – 22:00 every day except during designated holidays or closed days. However, visitors may use the facilities only during business hours.

Office Members

– Facilities are available from 8:00 – 22:00 every day except during designated holidays or closed days. However, visitors may use the facilities only during business hours.


– The space is for business purposes only, not for residential use.
– Installation of furniture, equipment, etc., can be done upon approval of the operator. (Cost will be shouldered by the member.)
– Repair costs for any damages incurred to the facilities will be paid by the member.



– The building is a completely non-smoking area. Smoking inside the building, including electronic cigarette, is strictly prohibited. There are designated smoking areas outdoor. 


– The operator will provide cleaning service in the common areas. Members are responsible for the cleanliness of the private offices and dedicated seats.


– As a rule, members should dispose of their own garbage. Please follow the garbage disposal process/rules accordingly.


– Refreshments are allowed in the common areas and only to such extent that it does not interfere with the work of other members. Please avoid drink and food with strong odor. Alcohol is strictly prohibited.


– Members are expected to observe personal hygiene at all times. Regardless of overnight work or studio/workshop work, members must maintain good sanitary practices.


– The following acts are prohibited.
a. Continuous use or seat and space hogging (including leaving of personal belongings)
b. Reserving seats or work areas
c. Bringing of animals
d. Playing unauthorized music and tv (internet broadcasting) without headphones
e. Network tapping, fraudulent activities such as data theft
f. Acts that should be done privately and not in a shared office
g. Making calls and Skype meetings which may cause disruptions in the work of other members
h. Solicitations, especially those religious in nature, are prohibited; handbill distribution and unauthorized advertising campaigns are not allowed.
i. Calls must be made in the phone booths to avoid disturbance.


– Members are responsible for their personal valuables and belongings. The operator will not be held accountable for any theft or loss.


– Parking space is available for limited numbers as optional service. 


– The use of the conference room is by reservation only.
– For booking, please reserve at the reception desk or via email.
– Meetings with your guest (invited visitors) are allowed even in our free space, but you should consider the possibility of disturbing the other members.
– For invited visitors, please follow the prescribed check in procedures at the reception desk at all times.
– Please minimize noise so as not to disturb other members.
–Members who are granted free hours are charged only if they exceed the granted time.


– Reception service (receiving visitors)
– High speed wireless internet connection
– Free drink service
– Free phone booth usage
– LAN connection devices should be prepared individually by members
– MFP (copy, fax, print-scan) are charged


– The office plans come with lockable doors.
– Desks, chairs, and cabinets are installed.



– For cancellation, please complete the necessary cancellation document at the reception desk by 30 days before the date of cancellation. If you are unable to do this at the reception desk, you may send the accomplished documents via email to “” in PDF format. Please follow the prescribed format to ensure prompt handling of the request. In case you are unable to receive our response due to incorrect format or email setting, the operators will not be held responsible. Members who have canceled may still use the facility until the end of the month. In addition, if you have registered your company’s address in our co-working space, please be sure to change it by the end of the month.


– Based on each lease contract.
– Please return the office key, locker key (if applicable) and IC card promptly in the final month covered by the contract.
– Additional usage fee (copy fee, etc.) incurred during the last month of the contract must be paid on the last day of the month following the final month covered by the contract.


– If the member commits an act falling under any of the following acts, the operators will be able to cancel the contract with the member without prior notification. In this case, the operators do not bear any responsibility for any damage suffered by the member, and the membership fee, etc. received by the operators will not be refunded.
a. If you violate any provisions in the lease
b. If false information is found in the application form
c. If you have committed an act contrary to public order and morals
d. If you fail to pay the membership fee, rental fee, usage fee or any other fees for more than a month; if, after being delinquent for more than a month, you do not respond to the notice stipulating the due date
e. If the facility is damaged by intent or gross negligence
f. If you cause damage to the reputation, honor, and betray the trust of this facility or operators, or if you cause disorder
g. If you violate this agreement, administrative bylaws, other regulations and provisions stipulated by the operators
h. In addition, when a member is deemed unsuitable as determined by the operators


– Matters not stipulated in this Agreement and matters necessary for the operation of this facility shall be stipulated separately by the administrator in the management bylaws.
– The operators reserve the right to make changes in this Agreement as they deem necessary. In such case, it is possible to change / abolish the terms, management rules and other matters concerning the management and operation of this facility, and the effect thereof shall extend to all members. Notice of such change, abolition, etc. to the member shall be effected by posting the notification on the facility website, a prescribed place in the facility, and other methods in which the operators consider appropriate.

Please contact us for further inquiries.

Created on August 21. 2020