To our valued members and guests:

         Your health and safety is our top priority. Therefore as we follow the quickly developing environment of Coronavirus (COVID-19) we are implementing new policies to help us prevent the spread of the virus and limit the impact on our community. Thank you for reading this and supporting our efforts!
        Following recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) we are implementing the following enhanced health and safety policies.
      We are implementing enhanced cleaning procedures in our locations to protect our employees, members and guests. These include;
  1. Cleaning shared surfaces regularly with disinfectant.
  2. Providing hand sanitizer and facemask.
  3. Asking our members and guests to help sanitize common surfaces that you have used.
      Please follow these important guidelines about hygiene:
  1. Wash your hands frequently and properly. A guide can be found here:
  2. Use your arm or sleeve when coughing or sneezing, not your hands, and use hand sanitizer regularly. Wash your hands. (It’s a theme.)
  3. Please dispose of tissues immediately and wash hands or use sanitizer any time you have used tissues. (There’s that hand-washing again!)
  4. Refrain from touching your nose or mouth. If you do, please wash your hands afterwards. (In case you forgot.)
      For the safety of our coworkers and community, we are asking members who are displaying even mild flu-like symptoms, including fever, cough and cold to stay home. If you develops one of those symtomps, please, immidiately report medical staff or local authorities to get support in time!
📞‼️Please notify our staff if you are diagnosed with COVID-19 and have used our space in the past 30 days.
      For our employees, members and guests. If you have recently traveled to epidemic areas, they will be asked to quarantine themselves for 14 days, even if they are asymptomatic, to monitor for any symptoms. This could be extended to people who have traveled to other areas where COVID-19 is spreading. 😷
      If you may have been in contact with travelers from the epidemic areas recently, please isolate yourself. If you have any symptoms of illness, we ask that you immediately make a medical report, please do not plan to return to work until you have recovered and are no longer sick.🤒🤧
        We are strongly encouraging members and guests to avoid congregating in our common spaces and will try to accommodate any members or guests who ask to work or meet in isolation. Minimize contact, keep a minimum distance of 2 meters.



Kyushu Promotion Center thank you for putting the health and safety of our employees, members, guests and local community first! Thank you for helping continue to keep our welcoming community healthy and safe! 💝💝
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📢You don’t need to worry about disease. We have taken all possible measures to ensure your health and safety:
☑️ Ensure seat spacing
☑️ Hand sanitizer, body temperature measurement
☑️ Disinfection and hygiene continuously
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